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Destructive leadership rations energy. Productive leadership pumps energy into everyone freely. To share so much, we first have to find and tap for ourselves a virtually unlimited source. And where will find such a source? It’s right here and it’s called appreciation.   In your corner, Mike


Use The Opposite of Lack

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Maintaining our focus on the lack of something–anything–prolongs the lack. We know this. We see how we get tangled up in our thoughts and feelings. Our situations get tangled as a result. And more stuff breaks. But we resist getting untangled. Maybe we think we are supposed to live a life where the things we […]

Focus on the Good Stuff

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In the Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then Act. we see how useful it is to take some time and feel better about your situation before acting. In addition to tools like The Flip The Ladder Telling Yourself a Different Lie and others, listing things that you appreciate also does wonders. Make a list on […]