Resistance to Discipline

So, have you built your system of lists yet? Have you adopted more than one of the seven Effectiveness Habits yet?

No?! I’m shocked.

Actually, I’m not shocked.I expected you to find it hard if not impossible to add these time management/effectiveness tools to your life. Here’s why…

Most of us will resist new procedures or tools such as the seven Effectiveness Habits. That’s because we tend to see any discipline as an imposition and as an affront to our personal freedom.You will resist suggestions, systems, and procedures from me and others because they appear to be a restriction on you. If you catch yourself thinking things like, “It’s too much,” “I can’t change,” or “I’m overwhelmed,” then you are very likely in a resistance to discipline.

Luckily, if you see value in the seven Effectiveness Habits or any other tools, you can bypass that resistance and adopt the tools. Instead of seeing them as limitations on your freedom imposed by others, see them as habits you freely choose to adopt for the benefits they provide you.

“Freely chosen, discipline is absolute freedom.” Ron Serino

So, now, which of the seven Effectiveness Habits will you freely choose to adopt today?

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