Things You Might Enjoy Doing This (or Any) Morning

Notice how you feel after doing any of these things when you get out of bed in the morning.

  1. Stand like Wonder Woman or Superman for 2 minutes. Hands on hips, shoulders back, chest up, chin up.
  2. Say out loud something positive about who you are becoming. e.g. if you want to eat better, “I am someone who takes the extra couple of minutes to prepare good-tasting, fresh food.”
  3. Write down the top 4 things you want to get done today. Answer the question, “What would feel great to complete today?” keep that list with you through the day to guide and inspire.
  4. Do 4 push-ups. Or do one more than you did yesterday until you get to 10 or 15 or 50 or whatever you want to be your daily push-up number.
  5. Visualize yourself being how you want to be and having what you want to have. Sit for 4 minutes. Pick some situation or result you want. Visualize who you would be with that result. How would it feel to be that person and have that result?
  6. Drink a glass of fresh water. Does wonders for you as one of your first morning things.
  7. Do one sun salutation. Great demos on YouTube. Breathe deeply and calmly as you go. Here’s a simple one: 1. Reach up with your hands and hold it a few seconds. 2. With your arms sorta doing swan-dive, bend over at your hips, touch your toes (or at least point your fingers at your toes) and hold it a few seconds. 3. Kneel down “on all fours” then push back into a downward dog and hold it for a few seconds. 4. Now reverse it; come back to all fours, stand back into a forward bend, slowly roll up to standing with your hands above your head. How’s it feel?
  8. Make a list of things you appreciate. Anything goes. And for a real kick list things you appreciate about someone or something that is currently challenging.
  9. Smile. Just ‘cuz.

Did it feel good enough to try again tomorrow? G’day!


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: Enid Martindale cc

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