What’s In The Way?

You can remove obstacles to success once you see them.

This simple diagnostic will uncover most every obstacle. It works for both you and your business. Just answer these questions.

  • What is your clear, compelling (and if we’re taking about your business, your commonly-understood) goal?
  • Who is helping me (us)? How am I (are we) helping them? Do you and they agree you are both winning in this partnership?
  • Do you know you will succeed?
  • Are you pushing yourself (yourselves) hard? Are you avoiding tasks? Are you struggling?

All Play! Let’s try something different today. If you are willing, reply online to this post with your answers to these questions and what you think your answers imply. I’ll look over what you write and reply with some ideas to help. Since you will be posting on a public website, please leave out people’s names and companies’ names.

Go for it!


In your corner,


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  1. Diane

    Mike: I tried to create an answer to the questions, but was concerned that what I wrote was too revealing – as I work for a public company. My work requires extensive collaboraion inside and outside the org – and I didn’t feel right exposing my obstacles, since they are really “our” obstacles. However, I did find the questions very illuminating, so thank you!

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