Success Is Not About Pretending


When we feel bad (perhaps tense, angry, guilty, or fearful), we tend to want to do stuff to fix things and make us feel better. But that rarely works and usually leads to struggle and more feeling bad.

Instead, we can train ourselves to feel good, then act.

Note, I did not say, “pretend to feel good, then act.” We are not pasting over our crummy feelings with a wan smile or pumping ourselves up only to crash back down. This critical success habit requires that we actually find a way to feel good despite current evidence and past habits.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to imagine. We can all imagine what it will feel like when we have achieved what we dream of achieving. And we can all set aside the habitual, bad feeling thoughts about possibility or how, who, and when.

Do this, act as then inspired, and watch what happens.


In your corner,


PS: This work is not very hard but it is alien to many of us. Give it a go anyway.

Today’s photo credit: mayeesherr. cc

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