The Power of Trusting Now


A moment’s pause tells us that everything happens now. We lose power, happiness, and effectiveness by worrying about the future and regretting the past.

Another moment’s pause tells us that we focus on the “not now” because we don’t trust ourselves and/or our universe now. For most of us, it’s very scary even to consider trusting now. We’ve been taught instead to atone and plan.

Trusting now is the magic key that we’ve been seeking for millennia.


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PS: We have all caught glimpses of this power in sports, crucial business conversations, or those odd, unexpected peak experiences that sneak up on us when we’re doing things like buying groceries, walking the dog, or doing dishes.

PPS: A further moment’s pause tells us “trusting now” will serve us well at work and home.


Today’s photo credit: Gust cc


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