There is an important place I encourage you to visit often. Where is it? Well…

  • When you have guilt about the past or worry about the future, you are shunting your power away from this, the place where it can do you and the rest of us any good.
  • When you anticipate something going poorly–or having the chance to go poorly–you tense up. Physically, mentally, and emotionally you prepare to defend yourself in case you get hurt, derailed, criticized, or rejected. Far better to acknowledge that you can handle anything that comes to meet you in this, the one and only place that you can encounter it.
  • When you take time to feel good before you get into action, you are going to this same place.

What place is this? It is now, it is this very moment, it is the present.

Meet you there!


In your corner,


PS: A bit poetic/esoteric today, eh? Yes and this topic is probably important enough to warrant just a bit of it. What do you think?

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