Inevitable Fruit


One way to succeed is to act as if we have already achieved the essence of whatever it is we wanted.

For example, we might say that the essence of doubling our revenue is a sense of winning or of supreme security. The essence of landing a new role could be knowing that we fit or are worthy. And the essence of leading, influencing, and selling may be a sense of service, connectedness, and everything being right in the world.

So we proceed as if we are winning, secure, fitting, worthy, in service, connected or that everything is right in the world.

This and every other way to raise our buzz soon leads us to know that our success is inevitable. Neither cocky nor delusional, we become calmly aware that everything is going to work out fine, that the hard inner work of buzz-raising is bearing fruit.


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PS: The easiest ways to learn this is to try it and to teach it.

PPS: Yes, inevitable.

Today’s photo credit: Raul Lieberwirth cc

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