Too Much Bad to Feel Good?
Too Much Bad to Feel Good?

Too Much Bad to Feel Good?

How can I raise my buzz? How can I go about feeling good when circumstances are this bad?


Your results match how you feel.  But it can seem silly to expect that we can suddenly feel good when we are so occupied with what’s not going well at work or home.

But we each have the ability to generate better feeling thoughts, quickly. We can all feel what it will feel like when what we want happens. We need only ask ourselves, “What do I want?” or, “What’s one thought I can think that feels better than I now feel?” It may take 10 to 20 seconds for the better-feeling thought to appear. But it will appear, despite whatever negative circumstances had been holding our attention.

Feel good and things will open up.


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Today’s photo credit: Oskar Widerberg cc

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