This Statement

You deserve and are perfectly equipped to live a fully happy, rich, and meaningful life.

This is not a trite fortune cookie message. It is powerful perspective that many of us are missing and that all of us can adopt and realize. Despite what we may have heard, no one gets hurt if we believe this statement. In fact, everyone benefits when we do.


In your corner,


PS: Yes. All of us.

PPS: Many of us will tumble into a fit of “yeah buts” (such as, “Yeah, but I’m too old now,”) upon considering this statement. All our “yeah buts” are baseless. Others will misinterpret it to mean that we somehow have to leap into action to make stuff happen. Nope.

PPPS: Start by appreciating how true it already is.

Today’s photo credit: Josh Kenzer strangers. via photopin (license)

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