You May Need to Change

Ways that worked for you in the past may have stopped working. Some of the tools, ideas, approaches, and attitudes that got you to this place in your business or career may no longer be effective. You are in a different environment now. And you are different–much more capable–now, too.

Here are some common ways that people use even when these ways do not work anymore:

  • “I can make anything happen if I work long and hard enough.”
  • ” I can and should do it on my own. It doesn’t count if I get help.”
  • “My job as leader is to drive others. Criticism, competition, and pressure are my main tools.”
  • “When things start to look bad, I turn on the charm.”
  • ‘Ignore it and it will take care of itself.”
  • “Avoid confrontation, criticism, and risk.”
  • “I have to prove myself.”
  • “It’s best if I hide my light and play small.”

How can you tell if you are relying on old ways that no longer work? Easy. Something in your career or business will be stubbornly stuck. And it will feel bad.

So, you may need to change.


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