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  • How to Create Something New

    How to Create Something New

    To create something new, we must dream it then let it happen. Dreaming means answering completely the questions, “What do we want?” and “Why?” Letting it happen means forgoing the need to ask “Who?”, “How?”, and “When?” Those are questions we can only answer with old, known thinking and approaches. We cannot use the known, […]

  • Old Ways

    Old Ways

    In many of our organizations, we still use the old ways of command & control, hierarchical divisions, and lionizing the executive. Yes, we find the old ways in older and larger organizations. Strangely, we also see them in young and smaller ones. We hold onto the old ways mostly because they are familiar not because…

  • You May Need to Change

    Ways that worked for you in the past may have stopped working. Some of the tools, ideas, approaches, and attitudes that got you to this place in your business or career may no longer be effective. You are in a different environment now. And you are different–much more capable–now, too. Here are some common ways…