This Is Big
This Is Big

This Is Big

How we (deep down) feel about ourselves determines much (almost all) of our effectiveness at work and in life.

We can see this easily. If we doubt ourselves or have something to prove, we will be strongly driven to perform but also easily discouraged. If we see ourselves as connected and worthy, we will be calm, resilient, and creative. We don’t need to wonder which is better. We need only ask ourselves, “Which type of person would we rather have as a boss, friend, or partner?”


This insight points to our greatest source of leverage as leaders and live-rs of life. By cultivating our sense of ourselves–seeing ourselves more naturally connected, valuable, and deserving–we’re tapping within us a huge source of inspiration and effectiveness.


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PS: This is big.


Today’s photo credit: P. Marioné landscape via photopin (license)

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