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  • Great Organization and Wonderful Life?

    Great Organization and Wonderful Life?

    Building a great organization–one that is sustained, meaningful, rewarding, and valuable–doesn’t necessarily mean building a large organization. Living a wonderful life–one filled with freedom, happiness, growth, and creativity–doesn’t necessarily mean living a large life. Now that we have that out of the way, good leader, what’s to stop you from building a great organization and […]

  • Gatekeeping


    Most gatekeepers–those who would keep us out–are powerless. In the short term they throw up obstacles. But in the long term they’ve got nothing. Secretly they know it, are simply afraid, and deep down want us in. The only real gatekeeper–the one who can actually keep us out of anything–is inside us. Secretly we know…

  • We Can Always

    We Can Always

    When faced with big or continuous obstacles, we can say, “I can’t,” “This is impossible,” “That’s not the right process,” “There’s something wrong with me/you/them/it,” “Maybe someone else will figure it out.” “It’s not my fault.” “You can’t make me.” “You gotta take the bull by the horns,” “The early bird gets the worm,” “I’m…

  • The General

    The General

    The General is our internalized voice of external authority that tells us what to do. It “shoulds” all over us with edicts like, “You should be always busy and productive. You must strive to be acceptable. You have to do what’s expected. You should be nice. You have to exercise and lose weight. You should…

  • What Power Is and Who Has It

    What Power Is and Who Has It

    Power is presence. It is the ability to stand calmly in front of any obstacle and, without trying, have it ease or melt away. Anything else–wishing, pushing, guilting, tricking, attacking, criticizing, fighting, complaining–is mere force. If we pause and look, we will see we all have what we need to be very powerful. It’s in…

  • Irresponsible Optimism

    Irresponsible Optimism

    Is it irresponsible optimism to say, “Yes, I acknowledge the obstacles. We are going to succeed nonetheless.”? Perhaps. And it is the only way anything meaningful ever happens.   In your corner, Mike PS: Nothing is inevitable unless we say so. PPS: Does saying so guarantee it will happen? Nope. Not saying so pretty much guarantees it…

  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Despite commitments and good intentions, people regularly fail to do what they had said they would do. It is tempting to explain that their lack of moral fiber or their deep, dark intention to do harm causes these failures. Most of the time, fiber and dark intention have nothing to do with it. People fail to follow…

  • To Galvanize and Sustain Real Change, Tell a Story

    To Galvanize and Sustain Real Change, Tell a Story

    Facts, pleas, excitement, data, anger, politics, fear, outrage, logic. These are just some of the tools we use to influence others, to create change. They can work…for a while…sometimes…for some people. As leaders (with or without title), influencers, and sellers, we can really galvanize and sustain change by telling compelling stories. Pick a hero (normally,…

  • Pushy People, Success, and Obstacles

    Pushy People, Success, and Obstacles

    Successful people have a special relationship with obstacles: they push through them. Unlike people who are just pushy, angry, or demanding, the truly successful people maintain a quiet insistence. (They may also be pushy, angry, demanding or they may not be.) They cultivate an unreasonable knowledge that they will overcome this and all obstacles. You…

  • Dirt-Simple Way Past Obstacles

    Let’s say you want something in your career, business, or life. (Hint: if you are breathing, I guarantee you want something.) Maybe it’s more sales, more respect and influence, more income, or more meaningful work. It could be one of a thousand important things. And let’s say that you see one or more serious–even intractable–obstacles…