You can tell you have at least some amount of squeezing off whenever something you want remains stubbornly unachieved.

It’s not bad luck or bad karma. It’s just you being unable to receive what you want most.

To let it in, use the table below.

  1. Start by identifying the essence of what you want. Perhaps you want to finally get that promotion, make that sale, publish that book, lose that weight, grow that business, get that new level of health, find that mate, etc. What is the essence of what you want? Whatever you want will fall into one or more of the six essential desires below.
  2. Next note and allow yourself to feel the related fear. This is the crux of it.
  3. Then start telling a new story about what you want. You can use tools like the flip, the ladder, this is me, a different lie, the keep or toss, and journaling to tell that better story.
Essence of what you want Related fear Possible new story to tell
More knowledge, understanding, ability to solve problems. I fear that I am ignorant, unworthy of understanding. I am wisdom. I receive new knowledge and insights.
More money, business, success, or other tangible outcomes. I fear that I am poor, that I will run out, unworthy of abundance. I am abundant. I see and receive abundantly.
More beauty, fun, harmony, design, completeness, everything working. I fear that I am ugly outside or inside, unworthy of beauty. I am complete and beautiful. I receive harmony.
More connection, relationships, places to fit and belong. I fear that I am isolated, unworthy of acceptance. I belong. I receive connection and love.
More power¹, leadership, recognition.  I fear that I am weak, unworthy of leading. I am powerful. I receive recognition and the ways to be a good leader.
More ease, comfort, safety.  I fear that I am chaos, unworthy of a life without stress, threats, and suffering. I am safe. I receive ease.

¹ Note: Power is distinct from force. Power is supportive; force is destructive. Power is natural; force comes from fear.

I can’t wait to see what you’ll create once you unsqueeze.


In your corner,


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