The Great Threat and Epic Squeezing Off

We tend to squeeze ourselves off from the very things we want. It is as if, when we were young– very young, we looked out into the world and saw a Great Threat. Being so young we didn’t have the tools (reason, experience, EQ) we have now to handle what we saw. The Great Threat seemed so big and bad; we feared for our lives.

The Great Threat was slightly different for each of us and yet remarkably the same. We tended to see one or two of its faces and feared that we were what those faces represented: ignorance, poverty, ugliness, isolation, weakness, and chaos. Whenever we saw one of these threatening faces it felt terrifying.

We believed that the Great Threat was real. To cope best we could, we decided to squeeze off our perception and feeling. We thought, “If I don’t see it or feel it, I will survive.”

The good news is that it worked. We did survive. The bad news is that, in squeezing off as we did, we also squeezed off our ability to receive what we really want: knowledge, abundance, beauty, connection, power, and ease. Out of deep fear of getting or being what we don’t want, we have the habit of not feeling and having what we want today.

None of us are completely squeezed off. I don’t think it’s possible. And to the extent you are missing the success you want, you are probably squeezing off your ability to receive it.

Can we unsqueeze? Oh yeah! We’ll look at that tomorrow.

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