New Focus. New Results.

When we notice something right, we can encourage more of it by focusing on it. Appreciating people’s good work, for example, sets the stage for them to do it again and again.

But what about when we notice something wrong? Most of us tend to focus, focus, focus on it. We perform a litany of What happened? How did it happen? This sucks. Who’s to blame? How do we fix it? I hate this. When might it happen again? Why do these things always happen? What needs to be done?

What if we had a different habit?

What if, as soon as we notice something wrong, we make a choice of what we want instead? Then, rather than going through the litany, what if we focused on what we want, how great it will be when it shows up, and on curiously wondering how it might?

New focus, new results.


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Today’s photo credit: Mark Hunter cc

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