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Focusing on what’s wrong is such an easy trap to fall into, good leader. Most people focus too much on the negative. That’s why we need to be beacon-like, holding up the light of what’s going right and what’s coming that’s even better.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: John6536 Peggy’s Cove-9m […]

If We Focus On What’s Wrong…

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…we will only succeed in perpetuating it (or something like it). In other words, we will never solve a problem by complaining about it, wishing or waiting for it to change, or arguing for the power of any obstacles to prevent its solution. Focus on what’s right, good leader.   In your corner, Mike PS: […]

New Focus. New Results.

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When we notice something right, we can encourage more of it by focusing on it. Appreciating people’s good work, for example, sets the stage for them to do it again and again. But what about when we notice something wrong? Most of us tend to focus, focus, focus on it. We perform a litany of What […]

We Need New Truth

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Truth is what we say it is. We leaders need this newer definition of truth. The old way is ruining things. Thinking of truth in the traditional way–that is, as an absolute–always gets us into trouble. Old-style truth has us looking for the “right” answer instead of looking for the best answer. It pits people […]

The Right-Wrong Trap

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We fall into the Right-Wrong Trap whenever we try to convince someone we are right. If we fall into this trap, we will have a very difficult time leading, selling, and influencing. The Right-Wrong Trap proves that leading, selling, and influencing are not at all about the facts, the merits of our argument, or the […]

bad dog


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“You are never prepared for our meetings.” “I really am no good at sales.” “They are screwing things up.” “You are wrong.” Whenever (w-h-e-n-e-v-e-r) we think that there’s something wrong with you, them, or me, we make the mistake of attacking identity. If you assert (out loud or to yourself)  that I am wrong, I […]


The Right-Wrong Maelstrom

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“I am right and you are wrong,” is a pervasive, destructive subtext in many of our conversations at work and home. We fight each other, sometimes in very clever ways, just to avoid being wrong. It’s a big problem that tends to drag us down and down. I have seen it rot individual relationships, harm […]


Strong, Perfect, Included, Right

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As leaders (with or without title), it really feels like we are on the hot seat, doesn’t it? We feel we need to be strong, perfect, included, and/or right.  And that costs us time and energy. But what for? There is actually no need to be perfect or right or strong or included. Despite any evidence we […]