It Flows Back Your Way

waving foamy sea water near sandy shore

Think about what you would like more of from others. Would you want a little respect? To be heard or to be given some of their time? How about honesty, openness, or withholding of judgement? Maybe it’s trust, love, or kindness? Or accommodation of your preferences every once in a while?

No matter what it is you want, there is an easy way to get it: just give it to others. Before you dismiss this as too old or trite to work, hear me out.

Things we think about enough have the funny habit of happening. It’s just another form of the observation that says we see the world as we are not as it is. When you focus on what you want and are not getting from another, you are subtly repeating to yourself, “I don’t have it.” When you give to another (it need not be to the person you want to receive the same from) something that you want, you establish for yourself the fact that you already have what you want.

Example: Say you want more dedication from your employees or more respect from your boss. Which approach will be more likely to work for you? Continuing to believe your boss or employees don’t care? Or offering more dedication to your employees and respect to your boss?

Right. Start with what you want. Give it freely and expect to see it flow back your way.


In your corner,


PS: It will.

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