The Economics of Moving Others
The Economics of Moving Others

The Economics of Moving Others

Focusing on what is wrong with another has the ugly effect, more often than not, of perpetuating whatever is wrong. (If you don’t believe this, think back to the last time you thought, “How many times do I have to tell them…?!” or “When will they get it through their skulls…?” or “When I’m made Master of the Universe, none of this will ever happen again!”)

Of course, focusing on what is right in another encourages more of the right.

So which would you like to see more of? The economics are odd here. We believe (or we act as if we believe) that we must clamp down on others’ shortcomings so that they stop damaging everything. Yet redirecting our energy budget toward increasing others’ strengths will be simpler and have much better payback.

And, as leaders (with or without title), we have an even better performing tool: if we express our certainty in another’s potential despite evidence of their incompetence or lack of evidence of their greatness, we give them permission to unleash amazing capabilities.


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PS: Though this approach may sound far-fetched, impractical, or beyond your abilities, I know you will figure it out and reap wonderful returns on your investment.


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