You can make me responsible. And I will feel quite proud about that until you jump in and tell me what to do, how to do it, or how what I’m doing is wrong.

You can give me authority. And that will be useful until you countermand me.

Or you can make me accountable for results. At first I may not trust that you really mean it. Over time, though, I will understand that you have identified what results you want me to deliver and the broad-stroke constraints I have to work with (e.g. it must remain ethical, sustainable, within budget, etc.). Your job will be easier: coaching me and helping remove barriers. You will have the results you wanted. And I’ll be delighted; I will be engaged in applying my talents and creativity to deliver those results.

Of course, I’m signing up for “accountable” and hope you are too.


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6 thoughts on “Accountability

    1. Have them subscribe here? 😉

      Actually, there is a method I recommend from the book, “Non-violent Communication.” It suggests you address your concerns directly and in a way that has low-to-no confrontation.

      Suggested steps:

      • Note when and how you feel micromanaged. Chances are you will be too distracted to engage constructively right away.
      • At some point not too far into the future, raise the topic with the micromanager using the following template.
      • When you _________ (fill in the action they do, e.g. tell you how to do something), I feel _________ (insert an actual emotion like ‘upset’ or ‘deflated’; do not use an assessment of what you think they did e.g. “I feel like you never listen to me.” Stick with an emotion.) because________ (insert a description of why you feel that way; avoid shifting blame e.g. “because you are insensitive” and do own your part of it e.g. “because it seems to me that you think I don’t know what I’m doing.”). Would you be willing to ______ (insert a request that they either stop that or work with you to come up with a better solution e.g. “…be willing to work with me on a better way to handle this in he future?”)?
      • If it happens again, kindly and firmly remind them of your agreement from above.

      Sound doable?


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