Perfect Planning Prevents Performance

As they say, “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.” Thing is, it can also promote poor performance–especially where there is fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

It can be scary to act. And refining the plan can seem like such a more palatable option.

Yet when we hold out for the perfect or even the near-perfect plan–one that answers the questions, silences the critics (including our own inner critics), and covers the risks–we stall. This has the unfortunate side effect of holding away our desired goals

Tip: Let’s say you imagine what it would be like to have achieved a long-desired outcome and it feels good. If you remain unsure how to proceed, then proper prior planning won’t help. Getting going will.

Luckily, you can always get going using Simple Planning. First, feel good. Then define or reiterate your desired outcome, decide and do the next step from where you are, and repeat until you have that desired outcome.

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