There is huge freedom, joy, and growth in (finally, whew!) accepting that we are each responsible for everything. Blame is the game […]


Responsible for Everything

Some useful thoughts are easily misconstrued into something quite controversial. Take, for instance, this statement: We are completely responsible for everything that happens to […]


Carrying the Burden?

Our role as leaders is to create an environment where the people on our teams can succeed. If you accept this premise, […]

100 Percent Responsible

“I am 100% responsible,” can mean two things. The traditional definition implies being subject to praise if it works out and blame […]


You can make me responsible. And I will feel quite proud about that until you jump in and tell me what to […]

Name It

How do you manage when someone is Being defensive, Making up stories, Blaming the situation or other people, Displaying more emotion than […]