Clear or Fuzzy Me


Our success depends, in part, on how clearly we understand ourselves.

To know how well we understand ourselves, we can ask three questions:

  1. How clearly do I see where I fit in all my roles and how I balance amongst these roles?
  2. How clearly do I see where I am going next and how I will get there?
  3. How clearly do I see myself as valuable, worthy for no other reason than that I exist?

Where we see ourselves fuzzily, our thoughts about ourselves feel bad. If we see ourselves clearly, our thoughts about ourselves feel good. To be more successful, believe your thoughts about yourself that feel good.

If any of your thoughts about yourself feel bad, don’t believe them; they are inaccurate.


In your corner,


PS: The more clearly we see ourselves, the more intelligent and effective we are in the world. Where we have fuzziness about ourselves, we lose effectiveness and smarts. An example: If I am fuzzy about one or more of my roles (e.g. as parent, child, sibling, mate, employee, employer, leader, follower, etc.), I will be unsure of what I expect of myself, what others expect of me, and how to strike a balance in and amongst my roles. This would make me less present with others, less sure about projects and plans, and less quick or accurate with answers to problems.


Today’s photo credit: Steve A Johnson via photopin cc

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