The Oddest Career and Marketing Secret


The secret is that the people we can help the most and best are the ones who struggle with the same things we struggle with.


It’s true. We really understand the things we’ve been wrestling with. We learn as we struggle with anything like respect, money, connection, leadership, followership, self-worth, power, intelligence, happiness, love, safety, judgmentalism, balance, influence, communication, beauty, calm, openness, effectiveness, chaos, understanding, acceptance, justice, emotion, health, creativity, groundedness, belonging, etc. Though we may think we are not qualified, who better than us to assist those people or organizations working on the same issue(s) we are working on?

There’s no need to master anything first. Just dive in. Lend your talents to people struggling with whatever you struggle with. The alignment will be very fruitful, meaningful, and rewarding.


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Today’s photo credit: Nathan Rupert cc

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