The Leader’s Secret

A client and friend asked, “How do I get my team to work smarter?”

We could talk about a practical set of steps to take. But the real secret is the finesse needed to have these steps work. The finesse…

  • …is almost impossible to see in action unless you are looking for it.
  • …starts with an unwavering belief in your team members’ worth and ability to achieve despite any evidence to the contrary.
  • …finishes with each of them recognizing–perhaps only subconsciously– that you believe in them.
  • …does NOT mean you pull punches when things go wrong. You don’t sweep things under the rug. You address issues directly and quickly.
  • …does invite them to work smarter, respond to feedback, act, and push back as needed to achieve the goals.

Make the choice to believe in them and you set the stage for success.

To your continued success,


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