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  • If You Only Knew

    If You Only Knew

    If you only knew the power you have. Within each of us is a wiser part that has the connection, meaning, answers and solutions we otherwise struggle to find.  If you only knew.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures

  • A Reminder

    Every now and again we all need a gentle reminder that we are good, powerful, capable, and worthy. And that everything is working out beautifully. You are and it all is.   In your corner, Mike

  • An Indsidious Question

    An Indsidious Question

    How much are you worth? This common, insidious question mixes two ideas that really should stay apart. It asks about how much money you have or make. It also pokes at your worth-as-in-worthiness. Putting these ideas together often leaves us thinking our worthiness has something to do with how much money we have. It doesn’t.…

  • Other’s Worth

    Other’s Worth

    For far too long, too many of us have defined our self-worth based on what other people think. Most of us have fuzzy self-views. We confuse, in subtle and even unseen ways, how they value us with how we choose to value ourselves. Of course, we may not want to admit it. One clear sign that…

  • Worth, Assured

    Worth, Assured

    For some reason, almost every one of us has a deep need to prove ourselves, our worth. This need impels us to do, do, do. It’s exhausting. And it is false. We are all innately and equally worthy. We can quickly debunk any potential measure of worth (income, position, education, race, nationality, religion, belief, intelligence,…

  • Nothing To Prove

    Nothing To Prove

    Deeply woven into our global culture is a belief that we each need to prove ourselves, pay dues, and try to make up for some fundamental deficiency. Though we may be tempted to think it’s a good thing, this belief subtly but strongly limits our enjoyment, growth, and freedom. And what if it’s wrong? What would life be like…

  • Why “Earning” Feels Bad

    Why “Earning” Feels Bad

    When we think the word “earn” as in “earn your keep,” “earn your way,” or “earn a living,” it can feel quite bad. (It’s odd, given how we seem to want to earn.) We can have two not-so-helpful reactions. One is a sense of incomplete pride: “Look what I have done (and there’s more to…

  • Say It

    Say It

    It’s thought experiment time again. For today’s experiment, please say to yourself, “I am worthy.” What happened when you did? Something odd, I bet. Most of us can’t say it without a weird reaction because we think we have something to prove. Strange as it may sound, you need no justification, proof, or accomplishments to…

  • How Do You Value Your Career?

    A client recently said, “I am what I do.” Hmm. Your career is meant to be fulfilling. It should be a source of energy, pride, and joy. It should be one avenue for having what you need, want and desire in your life. But it is not all of who you are. To what extent…

  • The Leader’s Secret

    A client and friend asked, “How do I get my team to work smarter?” We could talk about a practical set of steps to take. But the real secret is the finesse needed to have these steps work. The finesse… …is almost impossible to see in action unless you are looking for it. …starts with…