How do the leaders we admire do what they do? What trait best predicts success? People have tried for ages to figure this out. Best I can tell, it’s willingness.

We could say that all these willingnesses matter: the willingness to set a clear, compelling direction. Or the willingness to trust, to speak. And the willingness to allow others to win, the willingness to plan and to adapt your plan. Being willing to change, to fail, to be wrong. And to accept success–yours and others’–with delight.

Really, though, the most important is the willingness to give up control. Good leaders have figured out that their job is not to make the right things happen the right way. That’s crazy-making for all involved. Good leaders know their job is to foster an environment where others make it happen. The leader (with or without title), helps them learn, grow, and make everything happen better and better and better.


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PS: Are you, good leader, willing to give up control? Maybe even just a little bit at a time?


Today’s photo credit: thebarrowboy via photopin cc

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