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  • Allow Gelato

    Allow Gelato

    Sages tell us that the way to have what we want is to allow it, to detatch, to get out of the way. Best we can tell, this means deciding what we want, not obsessing about it or the lack of it, then going out for some gelato. Or anything else we like.   In […]

  • How to Create Something New

    How to Create Something New

    To create something new, we must dream it then let it happen. Dreaming means answering completely the questions, “What do we want?” and “Why?” Letting it happen means forgoing the need to ask “Who?”, “How?”, and “When?” Those are questions we can only answer with old, known thinking and approaches. We cannot use the known,…

  • Willingness


    How do the leaders we admire do what they do? What trait best predicts success? People have tried for ages to figure this out. Best I can tell, it’s willingness. We could say that all these willingnesses matter: the willingness to set a clear, compelling direction. Or the willingness to trust, to speak. And the…

  • Two Levers for Collaboration

    Two Levers for Collaboration

    There are at least two levers we can use to collaborate better with others: style and motivators. We each have a behavioral style. When our styles differ, we can have mistrust, miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict. If we pause and briefly flex to the other person’s style, we can open doors to communication, understanding, collaboration, and…

  • Hope, Make, or Allow

    You can hope that something will happen. And we all know that hope is not a strategy. You can try to make something happen. It feels better to be doing something, doesn’t it? Yet sooner or later, forcing things results in stress, resistance, and frustration. (Don’t believe me? How did it feel the last time…