From Zero to Effective in About 30 Minutes

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If you have longed to get yourself organized, productive, and effective yet have not known where to start, try a single list and just one habit.

The Effectiveness System is a handful of habits and a small set of lists. Because the whole system can be too much to tackle at once, I suggest you master one habit and/or list at a time. To get going, try Habit #6: Refresh as your first habit and Outcomes as your first list.

An outcome is something that you are committed to complete and that takes more than one doable step to complete. Example: “Hire new Program Manager” might be something I choose to do that will take more than one step.  We start with a list of outcomes instead of doable tasks because, while you can always think up the next best doable task for any outcome, it is easy to lose track of the outcomes you’re committed to achieving.

Make a simple list of your desired outcomes. Consider large and small, near-term, and long-term projects at home and work. Don’t be surprised if you end up with between 40 and 80 items.

At least once per day, do a Refresh. Scan your list of outcomes to make sure it is up-to date and accurate. Add any new outcomes and remove any achieved outcomes. For each outcome on your list, see if you can describe the very next doable step.

Carry this list with you through your day. At any time, you can scan it for the next most important and possible thing to work on.

Later, once you’ve mastered this list and habit, add the others. In the meantime, launch a simple Effectiveness System from nothing in about 30 minutes.


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