Fear and Love
Fear and Love

Fear and Love

At the base of everything we experience is fear and love. That’s it. That’s all. We are a bundled blend of these. We are heading toward more love and less fear.

Fear impels a need to control actively (make stuff happen, attack) or passively (avoid, defend). Control is silly: things are way too complex to control; and people and things don’t want to be controlled. Fear and control create resistance. Fear & control create ideas and actions that create more fear and control.

Love, on the other hand, inspires self and others to ideas and actions that work well and work well together.

The trap here is to say, “Yes, yes. I get it.” And then continue to fear something at some level. Or to say, “That’s ridiculous.” and continue to experience resistance.

Compassion for self and others is the cure for fear. Noting what feels good guides us toward love and away from fear.


In your corner (and with much love),


PS: Yes, of course this applies at work.


Today’s photo credit: Aurelien Guichard cc