Attention For Results


Contrary to common wisdom, the results we get come from how we focus our attention and not our actions. Our actions simply flow from our focus.

If our attention is scattered by habit, urgency, fear, threat, or focus on whatever we do not want, then our actions will be distracted and ineffective. Our results will suffer or we will struggle mightily as we try to give more action in lieu of attention. If we maintain our attention on our desired outcomes–even as we field the urgent stuff–our actions will be coherent and the results will be as desired.

Our most precious asset is not our knowledge, intelligence, experience, execution, team, or ability to raise capital. It is our attention. Instead of time management (or change management, project management, knowledge management, or work management), let’s become masters of focusing our attention for results.


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PS: So if you want different results, focus your attention differently. Right?

PPS: You can start with your Effectiveness System and lists.


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