When Tension is High, Intellect Isn’t

high tension

We are blessed with wonderful intellects. In the blink of an eye, we can solve problems and find answers to our questions.

Yet whenever we are in a high-tension situation (examples: a political fight in the office, an angry client, an exam, a conflict at home, a presentation, a budget issue, or anything that feels tense or heavy), thinking our way out is really going about things the long way. When our buzz is low, so are our abilities to think, act, and collaborate.

The easy way is to raise our buzz. Whatever tense situation you face, envision the desired end state without concern for how to get there. Then focus on thinking good-feeling thoughts.

Raising your buzz is the speedy way.


In your corner,


PS: This works even when we are not directly involved in a situation. If others are fighting, freaking out, or otherwise tense and running a low buzz, envision them having resolved their problem (without concern for how) and focus yourself on honest, good-feeling thoughts. It only takes one person in the room doing this to change the dynamics strongly for the better.

PPS: Take care not to let on too much, though. They may start calling you something like a miracle worker.


Today’s photo credit: Beaulawrence via photopin cc


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