Expect Big Picture End Results

big picture

Yes, expect more.

But what we expect matters. If we expect specifics–especially what a specific person or situation could or should give us–we will have a bad time.

We see this in sales when we put faith in one opportunity to make our number for the quarter. We see this in leadership when we micromanage and people push back. We see it in collaboration when we demand people act the way we want them to on this project or at that meeting; they won’t. We see it in every false hope.

Instead, we will be very successful when we focus generally. We envision the desired big picture end result. We navigate by curiosity: “I’m sure it will work out. I can’t wait to see how.” We take specific actions with specific people as they arise. And we avoid attaching any significance to the details.


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PS: Happiness is the biggest-picture end result. It’s what you get when you repeatedly ask yourself, “And why do you want that outcome?” — no matter where you start. It trumps all those pesky details every day.


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