Refresh Resistance, Part 1

Ahhh! That’s what you say when you do Effectiveness Habit #6: Refresh. It helps you get back to that great-feeling, “I’m on top of it” place every day. This daily sweep through your lists is very important for keeping the system going. Yet many people (including at times yours truly) report how tough it is to do regular refreshes.

What happens if you don’t do refreshes daily? As each day goes by,

  • Your lists get out of sync with the world. They no longer reflect back to you–in a way you can quickly grasp–all the things you could do.
  • You no longer trust your lists and start keeping things in your head again. Ouch. Remember Habit #1.
  • It becomes harder and harder to do a refresh. It will take lots of time to put everything right again.

To avoid this, my overall recommendations are: make it a habit to do a refresh once every 24 hours. You can occasionally stretch this to 48 hours. You can, depending on your work, skip a day or two on the weekend.

Do you find yourself resisting refreshes? Tomorrow we’ll cover the top reasons people do resist this Habit and give you some tips to help.

Meanwhile, go for that great, on-top-of-it feeling and do a refresh today.


To your continued success,


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