Difficult Conversations

An interview. An important meeting or phone call. A sales conversation. A performance review.

In these typically difficult conversations, we often worry about our performance or getting the desired results. As you know, worry is counterproductive; it debilitates. (Read Seth Godin’s excellent post about worry here.)

Luckily, you can use a simple approach to eliminate any worry about difficult conversations.

Just change your focus. When you are worried, your focus is mostly inward, toward your performance and your desired results. Focus instead on them. Turn your attention to what they need, want, and desire. Be curious: what is their situation? How do they see things? What would make a win for them?

Do this and you take the pressure off yourself. It all becomes easier. You get time to think. You will be open and able to see how you can best jump in and generate wins for both of you.

«Poof» Away goes the worry.

To your continued success,


2 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations

    1. Hi Traci,

      I find this does work. And it gets better with practice. Related idea: when you are worried before or during a difficult conversation, try telling yourself that are certain that you can handle anything that might happen if and when it happens.

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