Dreams Coming True
Dreams Coming True

Dreams Coming True

Desire is the pre-sentiment of our inner abilities, and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments.


Turns out that our thinking–not the stock market, the economy, our bosses, our education, or our current wealth–determines whether our dreams come true.

Try this. Think of something you really want to achieve at work or home. Picture yourself having it. Notice how you feel and how what you feel changes even within the first few moments.

Often, as we think of something we really want, we immediately start thinking about our Yeah, buts. That is, about why we can’t have what we really want. Odd, huh? Yeah, buts shut down any further consideration about the matter. And, subconsciously, we countermand our desires and move ourselves away from what we want.

Learning to catch and flip our Yeah, buts, we can move ourselves towards what we want.


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