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  • Pursue Our Dreams?

    Pursue Our Dreams?

    In business and life we wonder, “Should we pursue our dreams or be realistic?” Hold on! Who said these are mutually exclusive?   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: J.M.Seekford Soar via photopin (license)

  • Picking a Dream

    Picking a Dream

    Achieving a dream requires that we first commit whole-heartedly to that dream. But–oh–we hesitate. We’re afraid that if we pick one dream we’ll either mess it up or miss out on other, better ones that we just don’t know about yet. Hesitation leads to lack of commitment which leads to dreams unfulfilled. Bleah! Here’s the solution: commit…

  • The Word Passion

    The Word Passion

    Ah, the word passion. Some of us embrace the word. We live out loud. We appreciate all of life. And our greatest wish is for others to enjoy what we enjoy. Some of us embrace the word and the enthusiasm is only a cover, an artificial burn of energy to avoid connecting with self and…

  • Follow Your Dreams?

    Follow Your Dreams?

    What if you could follow your dreams? How would that feel? And what makes you think you can’t? Are you sure?   In your corner, Mike PS: Are you really sure? PPS: Hint: Don’t confuse the dream with the path (the details of how you get there). The dream goes first. The path comes second…

  • All Is Nominal

    All Is Nominal

    People who fire rockets like to say, “Conditions are nominal,” when everything is good to go. Guess what? Conditions are nominal. All the courage you need is already within you. All the resources you need are lined up, waiting for you. All that remains is for you to decide what you really want to achieve…

  • Your Secret Dream

    Your Secret Dream

    Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Sometimes, we avoid saying what we really want at work and in life because the dream is so precious. We try to protect it from the harshness of the world, we hold it close for fear we may fail and damage…

  • Dreams Coming True

    Dreams Coming True

    Desire is the pre-sentiment of our inner abilities, and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments. Goethe Turns out that our thinking–not the stock market, the economy, our bosses, our education, or our current wealth–determines whether our dreams come true. Try this. Think of something you really want to achieve at work or home. Picture yourself…

  • Are We Allowed?

    Are We Allowed?

    Are we allowed to have what we want–whatever we dream–really? Our honest answer to this determines pretty much how successful we will be in business, career, and life.   In your corner, Mike PS: And we are 100% free to change our answer to this whenever we want. PPS: Get it? See?   Today’s photo…

  • Anything


    Remember, as a kid, being told that we can be anything we want? It seemed as though our teachers, parents, grandparents, television show hosts, uncles, and aunts couldn’t get enough of telling us this. Then, at some point, they stopped. Maybe they thought we should know it by now. Or maybe they thought we stopped dreaming when…

  • Good News About Our Dreams

    Good News About Our Dreams

    We pull back on our work and life dreams because we once experienced our dreams not coming true. Then others explained to us that this is the way the world works, and we believed it. Nope. The way the world really works? We tend to have both our dreams and nightmares come true to the…