Remember, as a kid, being told that we can be anything we want? It seemed as though our teachers, parents, grandparents, television show hosts, uncles, and aunts couldn’t get enough of telling us this. Then, at some point, they stopped. Maybe they thought we should know it by now. Or maybe they thought we stopped dreaming when we were teenagers. But I think they are mistaken. Thus this public service announcement.

For all your current dreams and for those you will be dreaming up someday soon: you can be, do, or have anything you set your mind to. You’ll likely go for the things that are exciting to you and helpful to others. Set aside your “yeah, buts,” follow the good feelings of those dreams toward their fruition, and act as inspired along the way.


In your corner,


PS: And if you can’t recall ever being told this as a kid, that’s fine. Just re-read the public service announcement as often as needed and keep acting on the good feelings.


Today’s photo credit: The Wandering Angel cc

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