What Do They Mean, “Now”?


The sages tell us to be present, live in the now. They all swear by it. They say it’s where we are most powerful. And they share their heartiest, “It’s the grooviest, man,” “You gotta dig it,” and similar endorsements whenever the topic comes up.

But what do they mean really? And what about history? What about planning? Are they saying we can’t learn from the past or plan for the future?

What they mean is that we waste tons of time and energy regretting the past and worrying about the future. Since we can only ever think or act right now (just try thinking something tomorrow or yesterday), regret and worrying offer us no help. None. Period. So why do it?

Learning from the past and planning for the future are fine so long as it feels good to do so. Beating ourselves up about the past and fretfully or angrily trying to arrange the future feel really bad. Accepting the past and painting a picture of what we want to see happen feel good. Imagining how good it will be when that picture comes true feels great.

Let’s do that…now.


In your corner,


PS: Far out, eh?


Today’s photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

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