Scarcity, Problems, Projects, and Possibilities


From an extremely early age, we were taught to think that scarcity is a fundamental condition of life. And in order to survive, thrive, and get out of this life alive, we learned that we had to control outcomes in our favor. Such control can be active (e.g. forceful) or passive (e.g. poor me), conscious or unconscious.

There are three problems with this learning. First, we can only control one thing: our thoughts. Second, we really don’t need to control anything in the world; we need only influence, mainly through our good-feeling thoughts. And third, life is actually abundant; scarcity only exists in our minds.

This does not mean that we face no problems, projects, or possibilities. It means that solutions abound and we find them by starting with good feeling thoughts, not by controlling or making things happen.


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PS: Makes you think, don’t it?
PPS: Want to try influencing through thought? Silently and genuinely wish someone–especially a difficult someone–well today. Note what happens.


Today’s photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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