The Best Leaders Go Within


We might avoid boredom or getting stalled at work and in life if the world would just deliver for us. We can seek circumstances that will bring us new experiences that might engage us. But this can quickly devolve into a dependency on drama or fire-fighting.

Or we can look within. Our thoughts, feelings, reactions, senses, assumptions, judgments, habits, and choices are rich sources of deliciousness, variety, interest, insight, wisdom, peace, happiness, connection, growth, and freedom. And as we become familiar with our inner world, we become calmer, wiser, and smarter leaders.

Dang. Why would we look anywhere else?


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PS: One reason we don’t look within is that we often find unpleasant things like fear, shame, regret, guilt, worry, anger, etc. Often we can raise our buzz and get through these things. And sometimes we need the help of a pro to guide us. Either way, get through the unpleasant things. They make up a mere shell that hides all of the rich goodness.

PPS: How to look within? Be curious. And start noticing how you physically feel at various moments in your day.


Today’s photo credit: Dave Spindle cc

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