Who’s Listening?

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You know that narrator in your head? It’s the voice that seems to put all the thoughts into words. Pause, please, and consider. When that narrator speaks, who is listening? Hint: it’s not the narrator.   In your corner, Mike PS: If the realization of who is listening hasn’t fairly well blown your mind, go back […]

The First Law of Emotion

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Newton had his Laws of Motion. We have the Laws of Emotion. Our First Law is like his first law: Our Moods Tend to Keep Going. We can’t help but broadcast our attitudes, have them influence others, and then react to them afresh when others reflect them back to us. So when we are up, we tend […]


The Best Leaders Go Within

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We might avoid boredom or getting stalled at work and in life if the world would just deliver for us. We can seek circumstances that will bring us new experiences that might engage us. But this can quickly devolve into a dependency on drama or fire-fighting. Or we can look within. Our thoughts, feelings, reactions, […]