Tension, Impending Doom, and Success


Finding success can seem a struggle because most of us carry around a coiled tension within. Afraid or unsure of what’s coming, we tense up defensively. We look over our shoulders, wait for some other shoe to drop, anticipate bad outcomes, or try to stave off some impending doom. At times we feel this tension strongly though often we experience it as a low-grade case of the jitters or the blahs.

Of course, how we deal with this tension makes all difference.

Unaware of this tension, the fear and uncertainty constrain our energy, choices, opportunities, and outcomes.

Aware of it, we may still be constrained.

Aware and choosing to feel good then act despite the tension, we loosen the coil of tension. By consistently choosing to feel good, the coil melts away and we are free to direct our energy and attention wherever we desire.


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Today’s photo credit: tanakawho via photopin cc

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