Arguing for Our Own Limitations

When we complain about, criticize, or blame others, ourselves, the situation, or the economy, we are actually arguing for our own limitation. By focusing in this way, we are saying that we can do little and that our efforts would be wasted.

And we then miss the opportunity to use our good minds, hearts, and hands to grow, win, help, enjoy, liberate, earn, build, love, and make a difference.

I recommend we go for the win over the explanations .

In your corner,


PS: You are so much more than you think.

2 thoughts on “Arguing for Our Own Limitations

  1. There is very little that we can control outside ourselves. That is why being positive and putting our best foot forward will always get the best results. In contrast, being negative harbors ill feelings and may jeopardize the possibilities for a good outcome. And if the result would be the same whether we have a positive or negative attitude, we at least feel better being positive.

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