Success is as Simple as This

A major indicator of success anywhere is whether you really believe you will succeed.

The problem is that most of us have the subtle habit (that is, you might not be completely aware of it) of thinking that it won’t work out. And oddly, that’s what happens: we don’t succeed. Some of us have the subtle habit of thinking that it will work out. And it does. Most of us have experienced both. (Hint: if you are regretting the past or worrying about the future, chances are you are in the habit of thinking that it won’t work out.)

Success is as simple as this: you get what you subtly believe you will get.

This can seem too good to be true. Maybe you think it’s just hooey. Or maybe you think it works for some people but not for you. It’s too easy (not to mention incomplete) for me to dismiss your disbelief in this approach as proof that it is correct. Instead, look for examples in your life where you have been successful with little struggle. Chances are high that, at those times, you trusted, you knew that it would work out.

Tomorrow we’ll cover a common trap that prevents this approach from working and even convinces people that it does not work.

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PS: What do you believe?

4 thoughts on “Success is as Simple as This

  1. I think that sometimes this works even better when you have great collaborators around you – I find myself saying “how can it not work out, when we have this great team?” This was my experience with the Clean50 summit last week…and it worked out!

    1. A good point! I’ve seen times when my doubts have been erased completely by the conviction of others. And times when I’ve had the conviction and helped others erase their doubts.

      (And for those who wonder, Clean 50 is an award given each year to the top 50 Canadian leaders in business sustainability. See )

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