You Have Everything You Need To Get Started

Think for a moment about that project you would love to do, you have been wanting to do for quite a while, and you have not yet started. (Everyone has at least one of these. 🙂 )

Why haven’t you started it?

Is it lack of time or funding? Do you fear what others will think? Is it that you don’t know how? Or that you are somehow not ready? Does it seem too risky? What if you fail? Have you come to think that perhaps you don’t really want this goal after all?

Recognize that compared to the joy, growth, and freedom your project represents, your reasons for not starting are inaccurate, inadequate, and insignificant. And recognize there is a simple way to get started regardless.

Here’s how:

  1. Write down and commit to achieve your goal despite any “yeah, buts” you may have. This is not about willing or forcing yourself. It is a gentle and clear acknowledgement of what you intend. “Even though I had thought I needed more money to start this project, I am excited to get started and look forward to realizing the goal.”
  2. Feel good then take the very next small step towards your goal. Then take another. And another. “I don’t know all the steps yet. But I can see the first one or two. I’ll figure out the subsequent steps when I get there.”
  3. Watch as the people, money, situations, and plain old good luck line up to help you make your project come true.
  4. Keep going until you meet your goal.

If the project is at all compelling to you, then start it. You have everything you need.


In your corner,


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