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The Cursed “Yeah, buts”

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“Yeah, buts” kill your dreams and good ideas. And you probably are not even aware of them.

A “Yeah, but…” is any thought that you use to shoot down–out of habit, without true consideration–dreams and ideas.


  • “I want to earn double my current income.” Yeah, but, I can’t work that hard.
  • “We can sell our new product to large manufacturers.” Yeah, but, they don’t have any money to spend in this economy.
  • “I have an idea for a book.” Yeah, but, only known authors get published these days.
  • “We need to become a more nimble organization.” Yeah, but, we are too stuck in our ways to change.
  • “I want to build my Effectiveness Habits.” Yeah, but, I’m too busy.

Notice how the “yeah, buts” do not invalidate the dreams or ideas. They just try to stop further consideration of ideas or dreams.

Where have you used a “Yeah, but” recently? [Hint: What are your unrealized dreams or unimplemented ideas?  Yeah, those dreams.]


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