What To Do When You Feel Bad About Money

If you ever feel bad about having (lots of) money, don’t.

Having money when others don’t is a common source of guilt, blockage, and bad feeling. Appreciate your money. Spend your money. You spending it makes money available for others to have and use. You being happy and flowing your money will do infinitely more for those who lack than you feeling ashamed.

If you ever feel bad about not having money or if you ever judge others for having money when you do not, don’t.

Focusing on any lack of money leads to more lack. You will be so focused on the lack that you’ll miss the opportunities, connections, ideas, and situations that would lead you to having more money. And judging others is just another way to feel bad.

Appreciate your money. Honor what others do with money. Find a way to feel good about the money you have now and the abundant life you desire. Envision that life, setting aside any “yeah, buts” that occur. This puts you in the right place for that abundance.

Money is just money. Your (good-feeling) thoughts are what matter most.

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