How To Ensure Others Get Stuff Done


When we lead, sell, and influence others, one of our biggest challenges is having them follow through on things we request of or delegate to them. Here are five things we can do to ensure that what we want done gets done.

  1. Ensure there is a win for them and for us. Let’s understand what makes a win: no guesses allowed.  Let’s specifically discuss why the topic at hand is important to us and to them. Then we can work together to meet their needs and ours. Sometimes, a win for them is just being helpful or acknowledged.
  2. Who, How, When. We make sure we discuss and agree upon who will do what by when. If we are the leader, it’s powerfully helpful to ask them to come up with their own plan for How. It’s also helpful to ask, “Is there anything else I can do to help you with your part of this?”
  3. Prevent obstacles. We consider what might go wrong and plan around those obstacles, together, now.
  4. Confirm understanding. We ask them to summarize–or we can summarize–what we agreed are the conclusions and next steps. And we listen for and seek to correct misunderstandings on both sides.
  5. Review, Retune, Repeat. We agree to check in with each other at a specific date and time. At the agreed time, we review progress, make adjustments to the plan/approach, and book our next review time.

Note how much longer this will take than simply asking for or telling them what we want. And notice how much more effective this will be than the usual request or delegation.


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